Inauguration Day with a disruption

Inauguration Day on the first day of the year is always a day with much pomp and circumstance. Typically, a train ride to the Capitol building with an outgoing President and incoming President occurs, but for the first time in the history of Panem, this is not the case. Since President Everdeen was reelected, she was entitled to a train ride with whomever she wished- and continuing with the topic of bipartisanship that she has continually invoked, she selected three people: former President and the Civic nominee for President Cecelia Paylor,  current Senator and Labor nominee for President Rick Canth, and incoming Vice President Celine Oswald. The picks invoked bipartisanship, of course, but also a layer of friendship.

Once the train arrived at the Capitol, Senator Canth and former President Paylor took their seats at the front while the President was escorted to a undisclosed location to ensure security. Celine Oswald was escorted to the stage and was sworn in as Vice President of the Republic of Panem by Senate Majority Leader Miranda O’Neal, a Liberty Party senator from District 13 who was also a childhood friend of the incoming VP. The new VP took to the podium afterwards for her short inaugural address:

Citizens of Panem, it’s an honor to be here on this stage as Vice President of the Republic of Panem. Honestly, I’m lucky to even be here at this inauguration after what happened at the last one. One does not simply forget how they nearly lose their life. My survival shows that I still have a purpose here and that I still have work to do. And this work will be all for you, Panem.

Afterwards, President Katniss Everdeen rose to the podium for her second inauguration. Set to be inaugurated by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panem Sean Wheeler, the President began her oath before stopping midway. She pulled out a pistol, and pointed it at a person. She said, as we quote:

If you even dare attempt to pull that trigger, I will make sure that you hit the pavement before you can actually do it.

The man that she threatened was taken off by Capitol police. We have been informed that the man, Dean Falsom, has been charged with intent to murder along with a charge of threats to the President. From what we gather, the President was warned after the last inauguration’s near-assassination of Celine Oswald that she must keep a weapon of her own on her at all times. Thus, once she noticed that the man was nearing the stage with a weapon, she ensured her safety.

The President, after the threat was eliminated, completed her oath and began her inaugural address.

Well, friends, that’s two for two. *crowd laughs* Regardless, I’m happy to be here with you today on this stage. It’s an honor to be reelected President of Panem and it shows that, like Vice President Oswald, I’m not finished here. There’s still much work to do, and I look forward to the future. The future that I see is not one with conflict between people in Panem- it’s one with a unified Panem. That’s what I’m seeking to do in my second term: unify Panem, beginning with bipartisanship here in the Capitol. As all of you already know, my administration is set to grow by six departments: Interior, International Trade, Intelligence, Commerce, Agriculture, and Global Development. The Department of Intelligence will be headed by Ms. Paylor, the Department of Global Development will be headed by former Speaker Trenton, and the Department of the Interior will be headed by Senator Canth. Also, Representative Kindred will be the new Secretary of Transportation. This is only the beginning steps I am taking in a bipartisan initiative. I look forward to a united Panem under a united government, and together, we can prove that Panem is unique, special, and exceptional.



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