ELECTION DAY: Presidential election, and governor elections set to occur

Today is the long-awaited moment in this political cycle: the election (or reelection) of a president, and the election (or, once again, reelection) of the governors of Districts 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. Results will be posted as they come.

The only change in the presidential election was the addition of District 14, which is a prize as it carries the most electoral votes of any district: 20.

The summary of the districts and EVs:

Overall amount of electoral votes: 124 electoral votes

Amount needed to win the election (must have a majority): 62 electoral votes

District 1: 11 electoral votes

District 2: 10 electoral votes

District 3: 8 electoral votes

District 4: 12 electoral votes

District 5: 3 electoral votes

District 6: 5 electoral votes

District 7: 7 electoral votes

District 8: 10 electoral votes

District 9: 2 electoral votes

District 10: 8 electoral votes

District 11: 8 electoral votes

District 12: 4 electoral votes

District 13: 13 electoral votes

District 14: 20 electoral votes

Capitol: 3 electoral votes

UPDATE: We can announce the results of the governors elections.

D1 Governor Thomas Stemp (Labor) was reelected.

D6 Governor Festus Ashland (Liberty) was reelected.

D7 Governor Amy Oaksmith (Liberty) was reelected.

D10 Governor Walter Delta (Labor) was reelected.

D11 Governor Roald Umphrey was defeated by Liberty nominee Vance Fletcher.

Only one turnover, and the honor goes to the Liberty Party.

UPDATE 2: We can begin to call Districts for the presidential election.

District 1 will go to Labor Senator Rick Canth.

District 2 will go to President Katniss Everdeen.

District 3 will go to Senator Canth.

District 4 will go to President Everdeen.

District 7 is too close to call between Canth and President Everdeen.

District 8 goes to former President Cecelia Paylor.

These results have some shockers, specifically in Districts 4, 7, and 8. In District 4, which is a swing district, President Everdeen has won it outright within the hour. In District 7, where the District was expected to swing Labor according to recent polls, the president has recovered her lead. And finally, in District 8, former President Paylor has picked up her home district after losing it in a wide margin in the last election. The current electoral count: Everdeen 22, Canth 19, Paylor 10, Morrison 0.

UPDATE 3: We can now project other districts’ results.

The Capitol will go to former President Paylor.

District 5 will go to President Everdeen.

District 6 will go to former President Paylor.

District 9 will go to Senator Sandra Morrison.

District 10 will go to Senator Canth.

District 11 will go to Senator Morrison.

District 12 will go to President Everdeen.

District 13 will go to President Everdeen.

District 14 will go to President Everdeen.

No projection for District 7 as of yet, but it is still close. The election, however, has now concluded: President Katniss Everdeen has been reelected President of the Republic of Panem after netting 40 electoral votes this update, totaling exactly 62- the perfect number. Regardless of the outcome in District 7, President Everdeen has coasted to victory tonight. The current tally of EVs: Everdeen 62, Canth 27, Paylor 18, and Morrison 10.

UPDATE 4: We can now call the result in District 7.

District 7 will go to Senator Canth.

After a tumultuous campaign in the District, Canth will carry the district and its seven EVs. The final total of EVs and the popular vote percentages:

President Katniss Everdeen: 62 electoral votes, 54.09%

Senator Rick Canth: 34 electoral votes, 31.01%

Former President Cecelia Paylor: 18 electoral votes, 11.00%

Senator Sandra Morrison: 10 electoral votes, 4.00%

UPDATE 5: After much delay, we can now bring you the total results of the concurrent vice-presidential election.

The Capitol – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 1 – Rep. Joan Kindred

District 2 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 3 – D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults

District 4 – Fmr. Speaker Samuel Trenton

District 5 – Rep. Joan Kindred

District 6 – D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults

District 7 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 8 – Fmr. Speaker Samuel Trenton

District 9 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 10 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 11 – D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults

District 12 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 13 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

District 14 – Sec. of State Celine Oswald

The final EV count was: Oswald 67, Trenton 22, Kindred 14, Fults 13.

Secretary of State Celine Oswald, who fell short in her presidential run last election, has been elected the first female vice president of the Republic of Panem with a majority of 67 electoral votes. This margin is five votes wider than President Everdeen.

UPDATE 6: The congressional results are in.

The House will remain in the hands of the Liberty Party. The composition will be 87 Liberty members, 36 Labor members, 25 Civic members, 6 People for Panem members, and 2 independent members.

A result that was not unexpected. The chamber was expected to remain in Liberty hands should the President be reelected, with gains by the Civic Party and major losses for People for Panem.

UPDATE 7: Former President Paylor has issued the following response to the results.

My friends, tonight was disappointing. However, it will serve as a boosting ground for the future of our party and for our country. I wish President Everdeen the best and offer my assistance if she should need me. However, citizens of Panem, be aware that this won’t be the last time that I run for office. You will see me on the ballot next time around!

Senator Canth also issued a response.

Though we were close tonight, we simply weren’t close enough. Congrats to President Everdeen on her reelection. While we disagree on some things, we both agree on one thing: Panem is great, and its citizens are what make it great. We trust in their decision at the poll booths. President Everdeen, consider me an ally for your second term. I am more than willing to help.

Senator Morrison was last to issue a response.

Friends, I must state the obvious: while our results weren’t good enough for achieving our goal, we did make an impact. However, while my opponents both congratulate the President on her reelection, I must state that her results were too good to be true. I will file a report of irregularity on this presidential election, as there were many problems at voting stations. I invite all of you to do the same- we cannot afford to keep corrupt politicians in office.

UPDATE 8: President Everdeen finally addressed the crowds.

Citizens of Panem, I am eternally grateful for your continued support. Clearly all of you made a decision tonight to keep my administration going and I promise that there will not be disappointment. I would also like to thank Senator Canth and Ms. Paylor for their offers to assist me in my second term, and I would like to state that I will get back to them shortly on how they can help me by taking part in my Cabinet. The bipartisanship in the Capitol is enlarging, and I think that bringing more members of other parties will help build a bridge to close the gap between us. Now, Senator Morrison, I am speaking directly to you. For some reason, you have maintained a vendetta against me ever since you began your campaign to challenge me in this election. You attacked me in the debates for something that was clearly a misunderstanding on your part, and now you are attempting to brand me “a corrupt politician.” Senator Morrison, I am not the corrupt politician that you deem me to be. There is a reason that you were not well-received, and that reason is your lack of grace, bipartisanship, and overall respect for others. I hope that we may reach an understanding in the future, but do understand that your failures cannot be pinned on me nor anyone else. Please understand that the people have spoken, and that you should accept their decision.






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