Senator Sandra Morrison stops for a photo at a recent red-carpet event. Senator Morrison is the People for Panem nominee for president.

Senator Sandra Morrison stops for a photo at a recent red-carpet event. Senator Morrison is the People for Panem nominee for president.

Senator Sandra Morrison lit up the Panem political scene with her underdog victory in District 9, and has remained a surprise ever since. Morrison is the People for Panem nominee for president, facing the incumbent President Katniss Everdeen, former President Cecelia Paylor, and Senator Rick Canth.

Sandra Morrison was born into a typical home in District 9.  Her father was a grain factory manager, and her mom owned a home bakery. Her mother’s bakery, however, provided no food for them since all extras were to be given to the Peacemakers. Her sister ended up dying of starvation, while another sibling, her brother, was sent into the Hunger Games. However, in a twist of events, Morrison’s family ended up needing nothing when her brother won the Games, bringing home the spoils of victory. Her brother told her firsthand accounts of the horrors of the Games, and this turned her view of the government into one of disgust.

Morrison supported the rebellion when it first emerged, as did many. However, she did not join a military movement, choosing to stay back and contribute through supplies. After the war was over, Morrison and her family eagerly awaited the results of what the Rebellion was over. She was not disappointed to find a democratic government replacing an authoritarian one.

Morrison, however, became disappointed with her representation in her home district. As a private citizen, she made the bold move of running for the Panem Senate without any prior political experience. Campaigning on a promise of bringing a citizen’s mind to the Senate, she won the People for Panem nomination and later the general election. Neither of these victories were expected, as Morrison was an underdog by at least ten points in both elections.

In the Senate, Morrison has been an ally of environmentalism and is described as progressive. She has been both an ally and an enemy to the Labor Party, sometimes joining them on votes. However, she most recently broke with the Labor Party on the District 14 land purchase.

Senator Morrison, throughout the presidential election cycle, has been described as a firebrand by some and a lunatic by others. She has become known for her sharp responses to certain topics and for her debate attacks on former President Cecelia Paylor and incumbent President Katniss Everdeen. These accusations of corruption and negative campaigning prompted a response from the well-versed Senator Rick Canth (Labor-D7), who prompted her to lighten up. This response propelled Canth to second place and Morrison to last.

Though Senator Morrison has been incredibly divisive, she will make an impact whether she wins or not. Morrison, so far, has proven to be a very resilient politician, winning from deficits of over ten points, so who’s to say that Senator Morrison won’t be the next President of the Republic of Panem?


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