Senator Rick Canth makes a campaign appearance in District 1. Senator Canth is the Labor nominee for president and after a smooth debate against the other nominees, now places second in the polls only to President Everdeen herself.

Senator Rick Canth makes a campaign appearance in District 1. Senator Canth is the Labor nominee for president and after a smooth debate against the other nominees, now places second in the polls only to President Everdeen herself.

Senator Rick Canth, though a rather dashing figure, was a relatively unknown quantity in Panem politics until recently.

Hailing from District 7, Richard Canth is the junior senator of District 7, having been elected only in this past midterm election. A member of the Labor Party, he is known for his smooth-talking as well as his brilliant smile. Canth made shockwaves in the Senate, considering how he was elected Senate Labor Party Whip after only two days in the Senate. Building up a bank of political allies, he was considered a top contender to unseat Liberty Party Governor Amy Oaksmith in the upcoming election, which is timed to coordinate with the presidential election.

Now, before we reach the politics, let’s explore his history. Richard Canth was born in District 7 under the reign of dictator Coriolanus Snow III, the father of the most recent President Snow. Though not reaped in the Hunger Games, Canth saw his sister put into the games, where she was killed. This put him firmly in the opposition of Panem’s authoritarian government.

Canth entered politics as a little-known councilman for District 7’s Capitol. However, after a term as a councilman, he was elected chairman of the District 7 Capitol council. This provided him a stepping-stool in politics and propelled him to districtwide stardom. He sought the governorship, but was defeated in a close primary for the Labor Party nomination. However, when he entered the race for the Senate, he became the presumptive nominee for the Labor Party almost immediately, ultimately defeating his other opponents by a wider-than-expected margin. As Senator of District 7, Canth has been a champion of minimum wage and other progressive causes, much to the ire of Liberty Party officials that widely dominate the district.

Senator Canth became a national celebrity at the Labor National Convention this year, where one of two declared candidates was expected to be nominated: Senate Labor Party Leader Ophelie Murray of District 3, or District 1 Governor Thomas Stemp. After several ballots, however, Canth made a surprise appearance on the voting ballot, eventually gaining the traction he needed to receive the delegates needed for the presidential nomination. This shocked Labor officials, who expected one of the two declared candidates to be named the victor at the convention. However, life went on, as did the Labor Party’s campaign. The Canth/Kindred ticket was finalized, with initial polls placing the ticket in fourth (and last) place.

Canth’s presidential campaign has been a rocky one to say the least. The Labor Party scrambled after the convention to create a team to run Senator Canth’s campaign, considering how he wasn’t even running to begin with. Canth himself, however, took off onto the campaign trail, stumping in swing districts like Districts 4 and 9. While well received by Labor voters, he did not make much of a splash with independents or other voters that influence elections.

However, Canth’s time had not come yet. That time came in the presidential debate, in which the four candidates for president were given their one chance to present their message to voters. Canth stood as a resolute figure, and one of compromise. It was he who made the biggest impact, pressuring Senator Morrison and former President Paylor to stop their personal attacks on other candidates. This translated into the polls- Canth was second in the next presidential polling, taking that place from Ms. Paylor. He has remained in a steady second place ever since- an unexpected surprise that could have major implications on Panem politics should he rise any higher in the polls.

While Senator RIck Canth is only in second place, it isn’t unfeasible that he become the first male President and first Labor Party President. What we know for certain is that his chance is here- he has clearly risen the ranks in Panem politics gracefully and swiftly, and will make an impact for years to come.


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