D14 ELECTIONS: Results announced in blanket primary

The results are in from District 14, where a gubernatorial election, lieutenant gubernatorial election, and state legislature elections were held today. The new district employed a new electoral system: the blanket primary. In this system, no formal nominees are selected by any party. All announced and registered candidates are put onto the ballot, each vying to reach the 50% majority mark. If no candidate receives the majority, the top two highest vote-getters will be put into a primary to be held a week from today.

The results of the gubernatorial election are as follows:

Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty Party) – 51 percent

Burke Denis (Civic Party) – 34 percent

Anika Houtman (People for Panem) – 9 percent

Jocelin Lapointe (Labor) – 6 percent

And so, the Liberty Party wins the governor’s mansion without having to proceed to a runoff election. The election results clearly point to the successes of the newly founded Civic Party as well as the popular reigning Liberty Party. It also shows that the Labor Party is at a very low point, as is People for Panem.

The results of the Lieutenant Governor’s election are as follows:

Raphaël Maçon (Liberty Party) – 53 percent

Myriam Fortier (Labor Party) – 22 percent

Valentine Cartier (Civic Party) – 20 percent

Victor Sartre (People for Panem) – 5 percent

And yet another win for the Liberty Party that will not require a runoff. This is pointing towards a Liberty sweep of the new district’s offices. However, to much surprise, Labor has made a large comeback, with Labor nominee Myriam Fortier garning a second place win with 22 percent. This put the Civic Party nominee, Valentine Cartier, in third with the People for Panem nominee, Victor Sartre, in last place. This is the second consecutive election tonight with poor showings for the People for Panem party.

The results of the District Legislature are as follows:

Out of thirty Senate districts for the District Senate:

The Liberty Party has won twenty districts.

The Labor Party has won five districts.

People for Panem has won two districts.

The Civic Party has won three districts.

Out of fifty districts for the District House:

The Liberty Party has won thirty-four districts.

The Civic Party has won seven districts.

The Labor Party has won five districts.

People for Panem has won four districts.

The results of the district legislature officially make District 14 a LIBERTY LOCK in this election, possibly for the presidential election. This could be huge for the election, as D14 contains the largest amount of electoral votes- twenty.

The result of the Panem House of Representatives elections for District 14’s representatives:

Out of eighteen congressional districts:

The Liberty Party has won nine congressional districts.

The Civic Party has won five congressional districts.

The Labor Party has won two congressional districts.

People for Panem has won two congressional districts.

With the election of a Liberty Party government, it is certain that both senators appointed to serve District 14 until the next midterm will both be Liberty Party members as well. This brings Liberty to seventeen seats in the Senate, a clear majority and exactly the much-wanted 2/3 majority mark at seventeen seats. This allows the Liberty Party to quash filibusters as well as dominate the Senate should they choose to do so. The results of the House elections bring Liberty to a clear majority of eighty-four seats in the House. However, this is just short of the House’s 2/3 majority mark of ninety-two seats. This will prohibit any constitutional amendments from being passed without bipartisan compromise, as amendments require both houses of Congress to pass the amendment with 2/3 majority to send it to the Districts for ratification.


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