BIO: District 14 Governor Rosalie Descoteaux


Rosalie Descoteaux was just a typical citizen of the nation of France. Formerly serving as the mayor of Lille in northern France, she resigned after France, along with other IANO member states, declared war on the nation of Panem. She stated that it was a “gross violation of international treaties, many of which the nation of France has abided by for centuries.” Her resignation sparked a political upheaval in France, where she was expected to mount a run for President this next year. With her resignation went many people’s respect for France’s actions, and so she began a mini revolution, spurring support for Panem against the wishes of France.

Rosalie Dubois was born in La Madeleine, a suburb of Lille. She came from the typical French family, but became known for her genius during her school years. With good grades and excellent extracurriculars, she headed off to the University of Paris, where she studied international affairs as well as pre-law. While at university, she met her future husband, Aurélien Descoteaux. She entered law school after her marriage to Aurélien. She exited at the top of her class, widely esteemed by her colleagues and by the faculty.

Governor Descoteaux made a name for herself in law afterwards. She traveled multiple times to Paris to present cases before both the Court of Cassation, the Council of State, and the most recent version of the High Court, where she made the case for President Léonard Beaulieu’s impeachment. The President was ultimately removed from office and imprisoned on charges of perjury.

After her successes in law, she quietly returned home to her residence in Lille. After successes in local law, she sought the mayoralty of Lille, defeating the incumbent mayor, Honoré Chauvelier, by a decent margin. She was reelected four years later to another term, but resigned after three years.

And now, we reach the more recent part of history. After her resignation, Descoteaux remained incognito for several months. Knowing that she could be blamed for the dissent in France and targeted by the French government, she went into hiding until after the war was clearly ended. She was invited by President of Panem Katniss Everdeen to the Glasgow Accords, where the peace treaty was signed, and was given the highest award any citizen of another country could ever receive from the Panem government for her simple resignation. Descoteaux also served as an envoy between Panem and France to negotiate the land deal that brought District 14 into existence. With such roots in the land that comprises District 14 today, it was an easy choice to pick who would win the gubernatorial election. Campaigning on what she had done and the bright future of what was to come for District 14, former Mayor of Lille, France Rosalie Descoteaux was elected the first Governor of District 14 and became the first former citizen of another country to govern a district. And who knows, maybe she could be the first foreign-born president of Panem some day! We’ll just have to sit back and watch.


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