President issues executive order to allow early elections for District 14

In yet another surprise move, President Katniss Everdeen has used her executive order power to move elections from November to September, stating the need for a “defined government in the new District.”

District 14 is Panem’s newest district, comprised of land recently purchased from countries in Europe, primarily the Netherlands and France. As of right now, it has no government, only a supervisor.

This is the first time that the President has issued an executive order, stating in the past that the power seems “unnecessary and authoritarian.” However, today she decided to put aside her reservations to ensure swift elections.

As of yet, there are no surefire ways to determine who’s running and who isn’t because the District is so new. It’s likely that we will not be able to tell who’s running for a couple of days. However, from what the District 14 Land Purchase Act says, “Senators from the newly created District shall be appointed by the Governor as soon as he is installed in office.”


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