General election begins with a lead for Everdeen

The race for the Capitol has begun, with incumbent President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12) in the lead and challengers former President Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8), Senator Rick Canth (Labor-D7), and Senator Sandra Morrison (People for Panem-D9).

President Everdeen has become an incredibly popular incumbent, with her approval ratings reaching nearly ninety percent after District 14’s announcement. The nominees of the Civic, Labor, and People for Panem parties were selected from those who had enough gall to tackle such a race against such a popular president. However, Paylor has emerged as the closest contender, but still isn’t within striking distance.

The polling we have been given is as follows:

Who would you vote for out of these nominees: President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty), former President Cecelia Paylor (Civic), Senator Rick Canth (Labor), or Senator Sandra Morrison (People for Panem)?

President Katniss Everdeen:  54 percent

Former President Cecelia Paylor: 31 percent

Senator Sandra Morrison: 11 percent

Senator Rick Canth: 4 percent


This poll spells hope for the Civic ticket of Paylor/Trenton, but spells potential doom for the tickets of Morrison/Fults and Canth/Kindred. Weakened after their lacklustre conventions, they must rebuild their image to voters along with making huge wins in the debate.


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