President Everdeen announces acquisition of overseas land

President Katniss Everdeen announced at a press release today some surprising developments: Panem will acquire land from IANO member states, specifically France and the Netherlands. This comes as a shock as many thought that negotiations with the IANO was over. (UPDATE: We have been informed that this land deal is unaffiliated with the IANO War or any treaties regarding it.)

This land, the President announced, will be the location of several new military bases along with another district. The district will be dubbed District 14, of course, keeping with the current numbering system for districts. District 14 will become the first district to be added to Panem since well-beyond recent memory.

Before the land purchase can proceed, however, the Panem Congress legally must approve it. The District 14 Land Purchase Act was first introduced in the House, and passed 123-15. The bill, like in the House, passed 15-11 on a Liberty-Opposition partyline vote. The Act allowed for the land purchase to continue, and also formally allowed the addition of District 14. Also in the act was a section that allowed for addition of further districts should the need arise.

District 14 will be a Panem-recognized district within a few weeks, President Everdeen says. This allows for those living in District 14 to register to vote in the upcoming elections. The Panem Electoral Commission has stated that in the upcoming election, District 14 will receive twenty electoral votes based on the current population. They will also receive eighteen representatives and two senators. A governor, lieutenant governor, and district legislature comprising of a House and Senate will likewise be elected during the next election.

Many expect for District 14 to be another crowning achievement for the President and expect for it to be a Liberty Party-lock in the elections. However, many say that they are less sure of which way it will turn electorally, since there is such short notice to sign up for voting. Low turnout, they say, could turn the district to another party besides Liberty.



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