People for Panem’s convention less pompous with less surprises

People for Panem became the third party to hold their national convention this week, holding the convention in District 4, a potential swing district. However, unlike the Liberty or Labor National Conventions, there were absolutely no surprises in store regarding the nominations. The speeches were good, but not great, with a standing ovation only for the keynote speaker, Governor Roald Umphrey of District 11, who was Senator Morrison’s main opponent for the nomination.

People for Panem’s convention was expected to be uneventful after their ticket was finalized well before all other parties. Not even former President Paylor had a running mate before People for Panem had selected Senator Sandra Morrison for president and Reyna Fults for VP.

The convention, though considered mediocre, did boost People for Panem’s prospects a little. They currently rank behind the reigning Liberty Party and the Civic Party in the presidential/VP polling, leading only the Labor Party. This amounts to the question of whether or not People for Panem or the Labor Party could feasibly win either the Presidency or Vice Presidency this election, since President Everdeen has a major lead, with former President Paylor around ten to fifteen points away.


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