Labor convention attempts to raise dwindling support; surprise nominee unveiled

The Labor Party was the second political party to hold their convention after the Liberty Party amazed spectators with dazzling speeches and a tense nomination fight. However, the Labor National Convention, held in District 8 this past week, had a much more tense air.

The nomination of Representative Joan Kindred for Vice President was unanimous, with no opposition as expected. Kindred became the third female vice presidential nominee in the race for the second-highest office in Panem, with Secretary of State Celine Oswald as the Liberty Party VP nominee and District 6 Attorney General Reyna Fults soon to become People for Panem’s VP nominee.

Speeches were somewhat lacking due to low amounts of officials in elected positions. Labor only holds 4 Senate seats, 38 Congressional seats, and 4 Governorships. The keynote speech was the highlight of the convention, however, with House Labor Leader Teraton Wendle giving a powerful speech.

The Labor Party is currently ranking last in all opinion polling, behind the reigning Liberty Party, the new Civic Party, and People for Panem. Their downfall began in the last midterm election, failing to prove to voters that the Liberty Party was not the party that represents all of Panem’s voters. Instead, the Liberty Party gained seats in both the House and Senate, along with some governorships.

The nomination battle for the presidential nomination was the political highlight of the night, as a fierce contest between Senate Minority Leader Ophelie Murray and District 1 Governor Thomas Stemp raged on into the voting process.

The first vote was exactly what was expected: 680 delegates Murray, 670 delegates Stemp. However, on the second ballot, things got messy when Senator Rick Canth of District 7 emerged as a contender. He garnered around 260 votes, while Murray received 554 votes to Stemp’s 536. However, this was enough to allow him to wedge in a plurality at ballot three, where he received 537 votes, Murray received 461 votes, and Stemp received 352 votes.

The nomination was finally awarded to Senator Canth on the fourth vote, where he received 890 votes. Senator Murray and Governor Stemp both were understandably shocked before eventually offering their endorsements to the surprise nominee.

Senator Canth, now the Labor Party nominee for President of Panem, is the first-ever male nominee for president by a major party. While male vice presidents and VP nominees have been a staple for Panem for a while,  no party before the Labor Party has nominated a male nominee for President.

The vote counts are as follows:


Ophelie Murray 680

Thomas Stemp 670


Ophelie Murray 554

Thomas Stemp 536

Rick Canth 260


Rick Canth 537

Ophelie Murray 461

Thomas Stemp 352


Rick Canth 890

Ophelie Murray 240

Thomas Stemp 220


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