Civic National Convention headlines Paylor and Trenton while stressing Everdeen’s faults

This past week was primarily focused on the Civic National Convention. All eyes turned to District 10, a district not typically focused on by Panem media, as the convention was held.

Former President Paylor and former Speaker Samuel Trenton were both nominated by acclamation, neither of which faced any primary whatsoever. The Civic Party did not hold a primary, having been founded after primaries were well in progress.

The keynote speaker of the convention was independent Representative Philippe Antoine of District 10, who endorsed Paylor early on. He is one of eight independent representatives in Congress. In his speech, Antoine stressed the need for a less corrupt government, stating that the resignation of Plutarch Heavensbee in a prostitution scandal proved that the Everdeen administration cannot be trusted. He also promoted the good qualities of former President Paylor and what she did for Panem as president.

The former president was nominated in a vote that had no opposition. Paylor took to the stage soon after the vote, saying, “Mr. Chairman and the Committee, I accept your nomination.” She then went on to praise the good of her administration but to criticize Everdeen’s as well. Trenton, long considered to be an ally to President Everdeen, turned the tables on her, criticizing her for the deaths of many in the Panem-IANO War and claiming that the founding of District 14 was simply for “her own political gain.”

The Civic National Convention caused a bump for Paylor in the polls, bringing her up by three to five points in the polls. Analysts say that the presidential and vice presidential races are now competitive between the Liberty and Civic candidates since they are now within five points of each other.


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