Liberty and Labor Parties enter convention season unsure of nominees

In the first-ever convention season for Panem’s elections, the reigning Liberty Party and the Labor Party will both enter the season with brokered conventions without sure-fire nominees.

The results of the primaries for the Labor Party presidential nomination were inconclusive, with an almost 50-50 split of delegates between Senator Ophelie Murray and Governor Thomas Stemp. Senator Murray holds a ten-delegate lead over the Governor, however.

The results of the Liberty VP primaries were very similar to that of the presidential primaries of the Labor Party, except there are three candidates in the running for the nomination here. Governor Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald, and Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison ran heated campaigns, splitting the delegates nearly into three divisions for the three candidates. Secretary Oswald currently holds the lead, while Secretary Madison is right behind him with Governor Hawthorne barely lagging.

This may prove helpful to other candidates in the elections. President Paylor has fallen short of any conclusive competitiveness to President Everdeen, but a lack of a VP nominee may enable her to jump in the polls while the Liberty Party votes repeatedly for a VP.

This could also help the People for Panem ticket of Senator Sandra Morrison and D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults. In a third place ranking behind both President Everdeen and former President Paylor, brokered conventions in the Liberty Party and Labor Party may allow them to show Panem that their party is united while the others are not. People for Panem is also in a good situation, as there is no other ticket at the moment that is finalized- not even President Paylor, though she has told supporters that she has a running mate and will announce her nominee for Vice President at a rally in three days.


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