BREAKING: President Paylor announces selection for Vice President, plus more

Former President of Panem Cecelia Paylor, a challenger to incumbent President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12), held a rally in District 8 today to announce her running mate and to announce another “secret” that she’s been waiting to tell the world.

Paylor’s nominee was announced to be Samuel Trenton, an independent like Paylor from the Capitol. However, things took a surprising twist, as the former President announced her “secret:” she is forming a new party opposite of the Liberty Party, which will be called the Civic Party. The party will run on a more liberal platform, advocating against President Everdeen’s reforms while promoting national security and the now-defunct reforms that were instituted by former President Paylor.

Chairman of the Liberty National Committee Dustin Bolton issued the following press release:

Ms. Paylor must be feeling the heat if she feels the need to have the backing of a party. The Liberty Party knows that we will make a clear ultimatum to this new Civic Party and prove that it won’t be successful in this presidential election. However, we do welcome the Civic Party and its supporters and hope that we will cooperate further to better the nation of Panem.


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