BREAKING: Wilson and Oaksmith out of Liberty VP primary

Governors Dale Wilson of District 4 and Amy Oaksmith of District 7 both announced after their bruising defeats in the superprimaries yesterday that they would suspend their campaigns for the Liberty Party nomination for vice president.

Governor Dale Wilson, considered to be a potential contender at the start of the race, flailed to a second place finish in his home district’s primary, causing his campaign to falter and win no primaries out of the eight held last week. He decided to endorse Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison, who also hails from District 4, saying that he is best suited to be vice president.

Meanwhile, Governor Amy Oaksmith was always considered a longshot for the nomination. However, she did win the District 8 primary by a wider margin than expected. With only one win, Oaksmith decided enough was enough and suspended her campaign. However, not everything is going bad for her: this gives her experience for a possible presidential campaign or for another VP campaign. It could even warrant her a spot in a presidential cabinet. Governor Oaksmith decided to endorse Secretary of State Celine Oswald, stating that she believed that she was able to serve as either vice president or president should the need arise.

However, with these endorsements, Governor Gale Hawthorne is left in the cold. There isn’t any way to tell if this will flounder his campaign or make no effect. Only time will tell.


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