BREAKING: Dalton and Umphrey out, PfP ticket finalized

Governor Roald Umphrey and Representative Sextimus Dalton, who were running for People for Panem’s presidential and vice presidential nominations, respectively, announced the suspension of their campaigns today. This news comes after similar suspensions from Governor Dale Wilson and Governor Amy Oaksmith, who were running for the Liberty Party’s VP nomination.

Governor Umphrey stressed that he simply could not win the nomination from the point he was at, and that Senator Sandra Morrison was a “fine enough nominee” and that he fully endorses her for “the good of the party.” This makes Senator Morrison the presumptive nominee for president on People for Panem’s ticket.

Representative Dalton similarly stated that while he “gave it his best shot,” he simply couldn’t win the nomination now. He gave his warmest regards to his opponent, District Attorney General for District 6 Reyna Fults, and endorsed her. As with Senator Morrison, Representative Dalton’s suspension of his campaign has made Reyna Fults the presumptive nominee for vice president on People for Panem’s ticket.

Surprisingly, these announcements formed the first full ticket in the upcoming general election. People for Panem will run with a Morrison/Fults ticket, the first all-female ticket in Panem’s history.


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