District 4, a key district in all national elections in Panem, is holding the first ever presidential and vice presidential primary in Panem’s history.

A primary is a system of selecting a party’s nominee for an office. The Liberty Party, the Labor Party, and People for Panem will all hold presidential primaries and vice presidential primaries in District 4 today, though the Liberty Party’s presidential primary is expected to be non-competitive, as is with the Labor Party’s primary for vice president.

UPDATE 1: We have the results of the Liberty Party’s presidential primary.

In an expected landslide victory, incumbent President Katniss Everdeen can now scratch District 4 off her primaries list.

President Katniss Everdeen – 96 percent

Other/Invalid – 4 percent

UPDATE 2:  We can label the vice presidential nomination race for the Liberty Party as too close to call.

UPDATE 3: We now have the results of the Labor Party’s vice presidential primary.

Joan Kindred, a representative from District 9, will coast to victory tonight by a wide margin.

Representative Joan Kindred – 92 percent

Other/Invalid – 8 percent

UPDATE 4: We can now announce the winner of the vice presidential primary for People for Panem.

In an unexpected turn of events, District 6’s Attorney General Reyna Fults will defeat Sextimus Dalton, a District 2 representative and past vice presidential contender who lost to Plutarch Heavensbee.

District Attorney General Reyna Fults – 54 percent

Representative Sextimus Dalton – 45 percent

Other/Invalid – 1 percent

UPDATE 5: We can now report the results of the presidential primary of People for Panem.

Senator Sandra Morrison of District 9 will resoundingly defeat Governor Roald Umphrey in the District 4 primary.

Senator Sandra Morrison – 64 percent

Governor Roald Umphrey – 36 percent

Other/Invalid – 0 percent

UPDATE 6: We can now call the results of the presidential primary for the Labor Party.

Labor Party Senate Leader Ophelie Murray of District 3 will carry away a victory tonight over Governor Thomas Stemp of District 1. The race has been close in District 4.

Senator Ophelie Murray – 51.0 percent

Governor Thomas Stemp – 48.7 percent

Other/Invalid – 1.3 percent

UPDATE 7: Unfortunately, due to an extremely close contest for the Liberty Party vice presidential primary, we will not report on the results at this time. Expect results by tomorrow morning or afternoon at latest.


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