BREAKING: Results of Liberty Party VP primary in D4

After much waiting for results, we can now announce the winner and overall results of the vice presidential primary for the Liberty Party that was held in District 4 yesterday. The contest was close due to the amount of candidates that are in good standing with Panem voters, with political, military, and historical heavyweights like Governor Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald, and Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison competing for District 4’s delegates. Whoever is crowned the victor of the primary will receive all 30 District 4 delegates to the Liberty National Convention in District 12 this year.

In the closest primary election ever, the voters of District 4 awarded a victory to Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison and District 4 resident by a margin of about 2 votes out of several million.

The victory of Secretary Madison is slightly surprising, as he beat out a former presidential contender, a military governor who’s loved nationwide, and also the governor of his home district. However, Madison’s victory will likely propel him upwards in the nationwide polling for vice president.

Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison was born in District 4 and was elected to serve its 2nd congressional district. Shortly thereafter, he was elected Panem’s first Speaker of the House of Representatives. He resigned after President Katniss Everdeen appointed him to her Cabinet to serve as Secretary of Defense. He was succeeded by independent Samuel Trenton, who was later succeeded by House Majority Leader Enrique Saldana of District 2.

The overall results are:

Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison – 22.77 percent

Governor Dale Wilson – 22. 76 percent

Governor Gale Hawthorne – 22. 23 percent

Secretary of State Celine Oswald – 19.04 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 13.01 percent

Other/Invalid – 0.19 percent



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