Murray ads attack Stemp while he gains in polls

After a surge in the polls for Governor Thomas Stemp of District 1, Labor Party Senate Leader Ophelie Murray has taken to the airwaves to attack Governor Stemp’s record as governor, saying that it would be unfitting for him to be the Labor Party nominee for President.

Governor Stemp has taken a clear lead in the polls over the past few days, gaining at least ten percentage points since our last presidential poll.  Those polled cited his executive experience as their primary reason for their choice.

Meanwhile, Senator Murray has been attempting to redirect the campaign topic from executive experience to leadership and electability. She says that while Governor Stemp is a good governor, he “clearly lacks in overall experience and leadership, forming few ties with other sides of the aisle, and promoting pure partisanship with his bullying.”

Governor Stemp dispelled these comments, stating that he has plenty of experience, and that the District 3 Senator doesn’t have the experience of being an executive. “While Senator Murray makes for a fine Senator, she’s best left in District 3, where we can keep a Senate seat and get a majority in the next midterm. She simply hasn’t a clue what an executive does. On the other hand, I experience this each day as governor, and I know what the president endures, except that my duties are limited to District 1.”

While Governor Stemp has gained in the polls against Senator Murray, that doesn’t translate to votes against President Everdeen and former President Paylor. In fact, it translates to a mere fourth place behind Presidents Everdeen and Paylor and a generic People for Panem nominee. This is troublesome for the Labor Party, who is attempting to fight the surge of the People for Panem party that is limiting Labor prospects across the nation.


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