EDITORIAL: More to Thompson appointment than meets the eye

While to many people Tyler Thompson appears to be the perfect pick for Vice President because he’s an independent governor, there’s simply more politics than what meets the eye.

Vice President Thompson was a fair governor and a successful one. That much is true. However, the pick of then-Governor Thompson was pure politics. Vice President Heavensbee’s resignation caused a huge drop in confidence for the reigning Liberty Party, the incumbent President, and her administration in general. The anti-Liberty sentiment, if not suppressed quickly, would amount to an easy win in every election from the local level to the presidency. The Liberty Party would be smothered by independents, Labor nominees, and People for Panem nominees alike. That’s why President Everdeen picked an independent- to preserve the image of the Liberty Party.

Yet another reason is a bit more corrupt. Recently, then-Governor Thompson, being the megadonor he is, endorsed President Everdeen’s campaign for reelection and poured significant amounts of cash into her campaign. Now, Tyler Thompson is vice president. This could be a coincidence, or it could be a favor in response to what he did for the President.

And then there’s the party’s gain in all of this. Sure, the gain in the polls was nice, but then there’s another thing. Enter Sophia Delacruz. Sophia Delacruz, until Governor Thompson’s appointment as Vice President, was the Lieutenant Governor of District 5. Not only is she popular, she is a card-carrying member of the Liberty Party. Governor Thompson’s appointment allowed for a Liberty Party pickup in District 5, a district that was staunchly held by an independent until his appointment as VP.

While all of this looks great for the President, there’s always other reasons.

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