BREAKING: Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee resigns

BREAKING: Vice President of Panem Plutarch Heavensbee (Liberty-Capitol) has announced his imminent resignation after a prostitution scandal that has severely damaged his reputation and credibility.

Vice President Heavensbee has been identified as a customer of a prostitution agency operating in the Capitol. The agency has been under investigation after a sting operation was performed by the Panem Investigation Bureau. Allegedly, the Vice President engaged in sexual relations with a prostitute three months ago and hasn’t been back since. However, this is violation of Capitol statutes that prohibit prostitution. Such actions can lead to fines and imprisonment of up to five years.

Vice President Heavensbee’s resignation is sure to shake up the upcoming primaries and elections as well as the Everdeen administration. Panem’s constitution states that a replacement must be appointed at the soonest possible meeting of the Panem Congress. President Everdeen has already called for a special session of Congress to announce her nominee for Vice President.

This can have unprecedented repercussions for the Liberty Party primary for vice president, however. President Everdeen’s appointment can make all the difference, especially if the appointment comes from the pool of Liberty Party vice presidential candidates. However, if the President decides to select someone who isn’t running for vice president, the new vice president could decide to endorse someone as their successor or decide to run for vice president themselves. Complications would be an understatement in any scenario at this point.


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