BREAKING: President Everdeen to nominate Governor Tyler Thompson for vice president

Panem Free Press has been informed by Capitol and Senate sources that President Katniss Everdeen will nominate independent Governor Tyler Thompson of District 5 to be her next vice president.

Governor Tyler Thompson is a popular independent governor from District 5 who was elected over Liberty, Labor, and People for Panem nominees in both his first election and his reelection in the past midterm. He was a major donor to then-Governor Celine Oswald’s campaign for president and has become a major donor to President Everdeen’s reelection campaign.

This pick will most likely boost the prospects of the Liberty Party after the party was rocked by Vice President Heavensbee’s prostitution scandal a week ago. The Vice President has since resigned. The choice of an independent will most likely show impartiality to voters. President Everdeen’s choice shows that there is no acceptance of corruption in her administration.

UPDATE: Governor Thompson has indicated to Panem Free Press that he will not seek to run for Vice President in the upcoming election. He says this:

Running against a prospective Liberty Party nominee for vice president or even in the Liberty Party primary would be improper and would ruin my endorsement of the President in her reelection campaign. It would be against my interests, the President’s interests, and Panem’s interests if I ran for vice president.



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