BREAKING: Panem Senate approves Thompson unanimously

The Panem Senate has unanimously approved the appointment of Governor Tyler Thompson (Independent-District 5) as Vice President of Panem. Vice President Thompson takes office immediately.

The approval of Vice President Tyler Thompson by the Panem Senate ends a tumultuous week in the Capitol, which saw the resignation of one Vice President and the oath of office for another. This also marks the first time where a Vice President has been an independent.

The unanimous approval spells good fortune for the Liberty Party, however, after former Vice President Heavensbee engaged in a prostitution scandal. His resignation caused a twenty point drop in approval for the Liberty Party, a five point drop for the President’s approval, and a ten point drop for President Everdeen in the presidential polling, of which was spread across other competitors.

However, these drops have been somewhat reversed since the announcement of Thompson as vice president. This boosted polling for the President by four points on her approval rating, six points on the presidential polling, and the Liberty Party’s approval rating gained by about eleven points.


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