And the Vice President is…

Well, we don’t know just yet. However, it’s always a fun parlor game to guess who President Everdeen will appoint to be her next VP.

Our guesses include:

  • Governor Gale Hawthorne of District 2
  • Secretary of State Celine Oswald of District 13
  • Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison of District 4
  • Former interim Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Samuel Trenton of the Capitol
  • Governor Tyler Thompson of District 5

While Governor Hawthorne and Secretaries Oswald and Madison are all current leading vice presidential contenders, independents Samuel Trenton and Tyler Thompson have proven to be major allies to the Everdeen administration while also proving impartial in party politics. President Everdeen could very well choose an independent vice president over a Liberty Party pick because of the scandal, which could boost the chances of a larger sweep for the Liberty Party in the next election. The Liberty Party is already down, however, after Vice President Heavensbee’s resignation after a prostitution scandal, and it has impacted the Liberty Party and the Everdeen administration in a very negative way.


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