Presidential candidates finally emerge

Over the past week we have seen four presidential challengers emerge.  Senator Sandra Morrison (PP-9), Labor Party Senate Leader Ophelie Murray (Labor-3), Governor Thomas Stemp (Labor-1), and Governor Roald Umphrey (PP-11) all announced their intention to seek their respective parties’ nominations for President. Their plans were not unexpected, minus Governor Umphrey. The District 11 Governor was not expected to run for higher office, especially with Senator Morrison’s announcement. However, after a meeting with Senator Morrison, he announced that their differences were “too large” and that he would be seeking the People for Panem nomination in order to prevent a disastrous Morrison presidency.

The announcements drew ire from the two other candidates, President Katniss Everdeen and former President Cecelia Paylor.

President Paylor denounced the party system in a speech today, saying that it “caused divides in not only the Panem government, but also in Panem’s society.” She said that the four who recently announced their campaigns were “as terrible as President Everdeen, promoting partisanship in the Capitol.”

President Everdeen responded to President Paylor’s speech and to the new candidates in her message to the public.

While Mrs. Paylor seems to think that parties promote partisanship, I highly disagree. It promotes organization of those with common beliefs, and the existance of parties does not mean partisanship- it simply means that there is a difference in ideologies. As for Senators Murray and Morrison and to Governors Stemp and Umphrey, I welcome you to the race, but do not think I will lie down and accept defeat. This race has barely begun and I have the strongest confidence that the people of Panem are on my side.


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