President Katniss Everdeen announces reelection campaign

After President Paylor announced her intent to challenge the incumbent President, correspondence was sent out to many to attend an event involving the President.

The purpose: her decision on a potential reelection campaign.

Today, the answer was delivered: President Katniss Everdeen will be the second Panem President to seek reelection, and the first to seek it after a full term. While expected, such a decision still makes history and comes much earlier than expected.

With her announcement today, the Liberty Party has already cleared the field for her in their presidential primary. Meanwhile, Labor candidates and People for Panem candidates will go through what is expected to be a much more competitive primary to unseat the President, possibly helping President Everdeen as the infighting could weaken the campaigns of the winners of the primaries. However, former President Paylor looms large over the competition. As a former President, she poses a significant threat to President Everdeen. Also, since she is running as an independent like last time, she will not go through a primary. This gives President Paylor an extensive advantage over the Labor and PfP candidates.

An excerpt from President Everdeen’s reelection announcement:

My friends, we have heard the banter of Mrs. Paylor two days ago. The quote is hardly befitting of the office of President of Panem, and it goes to show the respect she has for the office. Under the Paylor administration, disorganization was rampant, and through our inquiries, we can determine that corruption was as well. The former President is hardly the leader that we wish to have, and that is why President Paylor was defeated so steadily last time- in a far third place, might I add. However, as I know presidential reelection has never been successfully accomplished, I have decided to hit the ground running. Today, I announce to all of you that I am seeking reelection as President of the Republic of Panem.

Over the next few weeks, President Everdeen will be taking a campaign tour across Panem to highlight the successes of the campaign and their aftereffects.


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