Liberty Party politicians endorse President Everdeen en masse

A great bit of the Liberty Party has endorsed the reelection campaign of President Katniss Everdeen, according to Liberty Party sources.

Included in the list of politicians who are endorsing the President today are some that are not unexpected, along with some that typically won’t endorse. Names such as Governor Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of State Celine Oswald, Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison, and Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee made endorsements for the President.

Also added to the endorsement list was an independent governor, Tyler Thompson from District 5.  Governor Thompson is a very influential governor since he heads the Panem Governors Association. He is also a megadonor that shows no preference to political affiliation, going completely on the ideals of each candidate rather than their party affiliation. Then-Governor of District 13 Celine Oswald, who is now Secretary of State and a VP candidate, received his endorsement during the last presidential election, receiving millions of dollars along with District 5’s electoral votes due to the governor’s input. Such an influential endorsement so early in the campaign cycle puts President Everdeen up as the frontrunner for this election, even against three other candidates, including a former President.

This is a frightening occurrence for former President Paylor, the Labor Party, and People for Panem, as not only were they hoping some Liberty politicians would defect, they were also hoping for Governor Thompson’s endorsement.


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