Former President Cecelia Paylor announces intent to rematch Everdeen

In an unexpected series of events, former President of Panem Cecelia Paylor (Independent-District 8) has announced that she will be running for President once again in a rematch with incumbent President Everdeen. Such a move is unexpected after Paylor’s crushing defeat at the hands of Everdeen and then-Governor Celine Oswald in the last election, where Everdeen received 55 electoral votes, Oswald received 46, and Paylor only received 13.

An excerpt from President Paylor’s announcement speech:

Friends, we have seen the effects of an Everdeen administration. As we all know, the effects are not good: we’ve been attacked on our own soil. Our nuclear stockpiles have been threatened. Most of all, key reforms that supported those in need in Panem have been unilaterally repealed under President Everdeen. I honestly do not see how anyone can consider this administration to be anything but disaster. This is why I am asking you for a second chance as I run for the Presidency for the second time. President Everdeen has proven that she isn’t the answer to our problems. I’m here to prove that I am.

Such an announcement will surely stir the pot in this election. President Everdeen has yet to announce her intentions to run for a second term, as many (including Paylor) have already begun the assault on her.


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