The midterm elections have begun! For those unsure of the meaning of midterm elections: these elections do not have the Presidency on the ballot, only Governor and Congressional elections. We will report throughout the night the results of the race for control of the House, those in the Senate, and those of the Governorships. However, we will refrain from announcing the results until we can do so en masse.

UPDATE:  We now have the results of the gubernatorial races. All governors except for those in Districts 1 , 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 are up for reelection.

District 2: Incumbent Gale Hawthorne (Liberty-2) reelected.

District 3: Labor nominee Vera Adler defeats incumbent Yolanda Gates (PP-3).

District 4: Incumbent Dale Wilson (Liberty-4) reelected.

District 5: Incumbent Tyler Thompson (Ind.-5) reelected.

District 8: Labor nominee Felicia Ren defeats incumbent Isabel Holland (Liberty-8).

District 12: Incumbent Gertrude Hampton (Liberty-12) decided to forgo reelection. Liberty nominee and lieutenant governor of District 12 Rebecca Tarson was elected.

District 13: Incumbent Owen Talton (Liberty-13) reelected.

UPDATE 2: We can now report that the composition of the House.  The amount of representatives from each district is below.

District 1- 13 representatives

District 2- 15 representatives

District 3- 9 representatives

District 4- 26 representatives

District 5- 7 representatives

District 6- 7 representatives

District 8- 14 representatives

District 9- 3 representatives

District 10- 4 representatives

District 11- 6 representatives

District 12 – 10 representatives

District 13- 24 representatives

Total of 138 representatives

The 2nd Panem House of Representatives session will be comprised of 138 total members, including the Speaker of the House. For the 2nd session, the House will be comprised of 74 Liberty Party representatives, 38 Labor Party members, 18 members of the party People for Panem, and 8 independents. 69 members is needed for an absolute majority in the House with the Liberty Party clearly going over that mark. The next Speaker of the House will most likely be from the majority party, the Liberty Party, and will certainly replace interim Speaker Samuel Trenton, an independent from the Capitol appointed by President Everdeen after then-Speaker Jonathan Madison was nominated for Secretary of Defense in her administration.

UPDATE 3:  We can finally end the nights with the results of the Senate races along with the composition  of the Panem Senate. The Senate races have been tightly watched as the Liberty Party already runs a fine line with their bare majority of 14 Liberty Senators out of 26 Senators total. As of the first Senate session, Labor holds 6 Senate seats, and People for Panem holds 6 seats as well. Should the Liberty Party lose two incumbent races, they face a hung Senate and will be forced to partner with another party to maintain a majority.

As we announce the results, we will simply name the two senators from each District, with an i by any incumbent winner.

From District 1, Jeffie Zaphiris (PP) [i] and Loren Falsae (PP)

From District 2, Vance James (Lib) and Cason Hampton (Lib) [both i]

From District 3, Ophelie Murray (Lab) and Isom Newland (Lib) [both i]

From District 4, Anastasia Eza (PP) [i] and Beryl Gates (PP)

From District 5, Amanda Qurius (Lib) and James Peliot (Lib) [both i]

From District 6, Xavier Willson (Lib) [i] and Opal Zanthar (PP)

From District 7, Wendla Johnson (Lib) [i] and Rick Canth (Lab)

From District 8, Kendal Folsom (Lib) and Layla Folsom (Lib) [both i]

From District 9, Felicia Renstra (PP) and Iris Canstrom (Lab) [both i]

From District 10, John Urdal (PP) and Hans Destas (PP) [both i]

From District 11, Michael Debroff (Lib) [i] and Quake Jones (Lib)

From District 12, Robert Kelso (Lib) and Hanley Trent (Lib) [both i]

From District 13, Wendy Oppenheim (Lib) and Ronald Brown (Lib) [both i]

Based on these results, we can say that the Liberty Party will keep their majority, with no gain by People for Panem. Labor dropped however, as Liberty gained. The Senate is now comprised of 15 Liberty senators, 8 People for Panem senators, and 3 Labor senators.


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