Treaty ends war between Panem and IANO

A peace treaty was signed in Glasgow today by top officials of the IANO and top officials of the Everdeen administration. The treaty officially ended the Panem-IANO war, and came with certain specifications:

  • Panem, as a free nation with international standing, shall not be forced to dismantle or hand over their nuclear weapons.

  • Panem shall occupy specified IANO territory at the government’s leisure.

  • The Secretary-General of the IANO, along with certain other key IANO officials, will be charged with war crimes by an international tribunal.

  • The IANO shall pay reparations to Panem for damages to the nation incurred by the bombings and invasions. In response, Panem will also pay reparations for their bombings of IANO territory.

The treaty ensures that the IANO will not infringe upon Panem’s rights as a nation in the international community. It is also expected to bring down the standing that the IANO currently has in the international community.  It is widely expected that the conflict against the IANO will feature prominently in President Everdeen’s reelection campaign this fall. It’s expected that her opponents may attempt to seize on the grief of the people to oust President Everdeen, while the President will most likely run on how her government successfully secured a safe future for Panem.


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