Presidential contenders? Not as many

After her sweeping defeat of President Cecelia Paylor at the ballot box, President Katniss Everdeen has accomplished much in her first term as president of the nation of Panem. Among her greatest accomplishments was the peace treaty with the IANO, which ensured a safer Panem for years to come. However, another election is approaching in two years, and talk has already started. What we are expecting is:

  • PREDICTION: There will be no primary challenge from within the Liberty Party against the incumbent President Everdeen.

  • PREDICTION: Few contenders will emerge against President Everdeen due to her popularity.

We predict that there will at least be two contenders from the Labor Party and from the political party People for Panem that will emerge as serious candidates. Some possibilities:

  • Governor Thomas Stemp of District 1:   Governor Stemp, often considered to be a top Labor Party prospect for the Presidency, has pushed for many reforms in District 1 and has seized reelection recently by a wide margin.

  • Senate Labor Party Leader Ophelie Murray of District 3: Senator Murray has expressed her interest in challenging the President after the loss of then-President Paylor in the last election.
  • Representative Felix Reynolds of District 5:   Often considered a contender for many offices, Reynolds was the nominee of People for Panem for governor of District 5, losing in the Liberty Party sweep in the last election.
  • Senator Sandra Morrison of District 9:   Though rather unknown, Senator Morrison is well known in Panem politics for her surprise victory in the People for Panem primary last election, and then again for her unlikely victory over the Labor nominee and Liberty nominee. Can she do it again at a national level?


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