BREAKING: IANO headquarters in Amsterdam seized in surprise attack

The IANO headquarters in Amsterdam was seized by Panem forces in a surprise attack. Reportedly, all administrators of the IANO were inside at the time and are currently being held. More to come later…


UPDATE: The secretary-general of the IANO, Terrance Gerard, has reportedly signed a preliminary agreement to cease all military actions and economic sanctions against the nation of Panem, with a clause stating a treaty will be signed at a later date.

UPDATE 2: President Everdeen addressed the nation on the events.

Citizens of Panem, it is a joyous occasion to announce that this atrocious war is now over. All military activity by the IANO towards the nation of Panem has ceased, along with their economic sanctions. This came about after the seizure of their headquarters along with their Secretary-General, Terrance Gerard, who agreed to sign the peace agreement with a formal treaty to come at a later date. Panem, we have emerged victorious. And for all the pain we have felt, our safety is now secured, and we will secure it even further in this peace treaty. We will make sure that every casualty in this war was not in vain and that the IANO will pay for their illegal and awful actions.


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