Selected remarks delivered in wartime address by President Everdeen

Citizens of Panem: it is of utmost importance to relay news of the recent events that have affected our nation most severely. It is with no great happiness that I announce that the Congress of Panem has passed a resolution to declare war upon all member states of the IANO. They do this with my full, unwavering support and I will sign this resolution. My reasoning behind it is as follows: the IANO is an openly hostile organization that has openly threatened the nation of Panem in the past, and continues to do so presently. They have openly murdered innocent civilians on Panem soil, which is clearly an act of aggression towards our nation. While not all people may agree with our decision, but we feel as if the nation of Panem is under a severe threat to its safety. We send our condolences to the families of those who died in the air raids today and to those of the soldiers who gave their lives valiantly to defend District 4 from a marine invasion.


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