IANO officially declares war on Panem; air raids begin on Districts

The International Anti-Nuclear Organization member states have unilaterally declared war on Panem in a statement released today by the organization. Calling Panem’s reaction to their message “unacceptable,” they reminded Panem that they had warned its government well before the invasion of District 4’s Gulf Coast occurred. President Everdeen rebuked the organization, saying that “any military action against a peaceful state is flat-out unacceptable” and that Panem will retaliate against its enemies.

Also occurring shortly after the IANO’s declaration of war was the commencement of air raids on the Capitol, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 8, and District 13. Most bombs were centered around Districts 2 and 13, however, as these districts are known to house military bases and the nuclear stockpiles that the IANO openly despises. Civilian fatalities have been reported and are steadily rising. Pressure is mounting on the Everdeen administration to move further than just defending Panem and attack the IANO member states.


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