IANO begins military movements along the coast of Panem

The International Anti-Nuclear Organization, a multinational federation of nations determined to remove nuclear weapons from existence, has begun military movements off of the coast of Panem.

This military exercise comes after the IANO demanded for the nuclear stockpiles of Panem to be removed and dismantled or Panem must face sanctions or military action. The move by the IANO was panned by Panem media and by recently defeated President Cecelia Paylor. She openly defied the demands, stating that the IANO should remain “inside their boundaries” and that Panem would dispel any threat to its borders, regardless of who attacks.

The new administration, headed by President Katniss Everdeen, has also taken action to prevent an invasion. President Everdeen stated this about the issue during her campaign for president:

Disarming our nuclear weapons is a ludicrous idea that runs right along with starting up the Hunger Games again. No organization outside of our borders should be allowed to define what actions our country pursues, and no organization should be allowed to threaten our country with military action. As president of Panem, I shall stand resolute with our current policy on the IANO and their resolution, and that any threat to our borders will be met with immediate action- whether that requires our military or our nuclear weapons.

President Everdeen, as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Panem, has ordered troops to be stationed along the Eastern Seaboard as well as the Gulf Coast of Panem.


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