BREAKING: IANO multinational forces attempt sea invasion of District 4’s Gulf Coast

We have been informed by District 4 officials that the IANO multinational forces are attempting a sea invasion of the Gulf Coast of District 4. This is the first military action taken against Panem in recent history, and President Everdeen has ordered the military to fend off whatever threat the IANO poses to Panem’s national security.

UPDATE: President Everdeen gave a press release on the urgent matter.

It is an unfortunate thing to say that District 4 was the subject of a sea invasion by International Anti-Nuclear Organization multinational armed forces today. At approximately 8:51 PM Central Standard Time, military stationed on the Gulf Coast of District 4 were attacked by IANO forces. No fatalities have been confirmed at this time. As of 1:34 AM Central Standard Time, the attempted invasion of District 4 has been fended off and I can declare District 4 to be secure. However, this should be a warning to the IANO that we will not go down without a fight and that it is unethical for a group of nations to attack another peaceful nation who has posed no threat to their security except for the possession of nuclear weapons that have not been used by our new nation.

UPDATE 2:  An emergency session of the Panem Congress convened in the Capitol around 1:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. President Everdeen was in attendance and formally asked for a declaration of war against the nations who form the IANO, which include France, Scotland,  Germany, Greece, and many other European countries. The vote for war against the IANO was unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate.


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