Rest of nominees confirmed with little opposition

The remainder of the Cabinet nominees that were nominated by President Katniss Everdeen were confirmed with no opposition today.

Thus, the incoming Secretaries are:

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Defense: Jonathan Madison (Liberty Party-District 4) [confirmed several weeks before this article]

Secretary of the Treasury: Harold Sercisa (Liberty Party-District 4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Karina Erickson (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Secretary of Transportation: Cynthia Garth (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy (Independent-District 12)

Presidential Chief of Staff: Rose Connell (Liberty Party-District 6)

Press Secretary: Polaris Septrix (Independent-Capitol)


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