Gale Hawthorne elected Governor of District 2

Gale Hawthorne, Panem’s head general and the Liberty Party’s candidate for Governor of District 2, has been elected Governor of District 2, Panem Free Press reports.

General Hawthorne announced his candidacy shortly before President Everdeen announced her campaign. Hawthorne immediately became the front-runner in the race over the incumbent Governor, Fen Georges. Hawthorne won the election by a margin of 56 percent to Georges’s 44 percent. This puts the new Governor in line for assuming what is arguably the most powerful district in Panem.

District 2 is home to several of the nation’s key military bases, including Panem Strategic Defense Command (PSDC), housed inside the mountain famously nicknamed “the Nut” by now-President Katniss Everdeen in the rebels’ attack on District 2 during the Panem Revolution. It is also home to many masons and known for its plentiful stone quarries as well as its past for supplying Snow’s regime with Peacekeepers.

President Katniss Everdeen issued a campaign-related press release regarding Hawthorne’s victory:

I am proud to announce that one of my greatest friends in life, Gale Hawthorne has become one of my greatest allies in the political world. Congratulations to the new Governor-elect and I look forward to working with you again immensely.

Governor-elect Hawthorne said the following in his victory speech:

Thank you, District 2, for the support that you have given me throughout this campaign. We are now on the right track for restoring support to our defense and military sectors as well as increasing economic growth in District 2. We are now one step closer in the right direction, and we shall prevail!


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