A LOOK BACK IN HISTORY: The assassinations of President Alma Coin and the death of President Coriolanus Snow

A day like no other was planned after winning a revolution that was lopsided in favor of President Coriolanus Snow and his loyalists.

By the end of the day, two presidents were dead. One assassinated, and one because of other causes.

The majority of Panem looks back today as we remember the deaths of two authoritarian leaders of this land: President of the Republic of Panem Alma Coin and President of the Imperial Republic of Panem Coriolanus Snow.

President Coin sat in the higher levels, spectating what was supposed to be the execution of the dictator Snow. Everything changed when then-war hero Katniss Everdeen chose to slay the new President instead of Snow as scheduled. Fate had its way with Snow, however, as he ultimately succumbed to the bloody sores that he contracted through poison. President Coin was pronounced dead at the scene a few minutes later, and Everdeen was brought into custody. Snow’s body was discovered hours later.

The legal battle that followed was heated and intense to say the least. Everdeen insisted that Coin was as much of a dictator as Snow was and both deserved to be taken out. District 13’s Chief of Police, Regulus Daniels, insisted otherwise- he claimed that Katniss had become aligned with the loyalists in the Capitol and charged her with treason and murder. As we all remember, District 13 ultimately decided the fate of Katniss Everdeen as they headed to a poll to decide whether to sentence her to death or to release her and drop all charges. As we all know, Katniss’s charges were dropped after District 13 voted not guilty to the charges in a margin of 89% not guilty to 11% guilty.

After her release, Everdeen returned to District 12 with Peeta Mellark. They were formally married in a ceremony in District 12’s Meadow. They now have two children.

The story ends at the present, but not without irony. This irony lies in the fact that President Snow and President Coin were both killed by their successor: President Katniss Everdeen.


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