The Senate of Panem unanimously voted to approve the nomination of Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Jonathan Madison for the position of Secretary of Defense.

Jonathan Madison, a native of District 4, has a long history with Panem and its government: Madison was widely recognized as the leader of the rebellion against Snow’s regime in District 4, much like former President Paylor was in District 8.  After the revolution overthrew the authoritarian government in Panem, Madison became a leading contender for the Presidency. Ultimately, Cecelia Paylor was elected President over him. Soon after, he ran for the new representative spot in District 4, winning the seat with little competition. Upon the meeting of the First Panem Congress, Madison was elected Speaker of the House in one of the most watched races in Panem. Madison, due to his position, was second in line for the Presidency should something happen to both the President and Vice President. Madison, as Speaker, was supportive of term limits for the Presidency and sparred frequently with President Paylor over the topic.

The new Secretary Madison is widely expected to continue the country’s nuclear program despite calls by certain organizations to shut it down. Also, it seems that Secretary Madison would work with Haymitch Abernathy, who has been nominated but not yet confirmed for the post of Secretary of Homeland Security, as a team to counter internal threats by pro-Snow groups and to hinder those who are suppliers to the aforementioned groups.


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