President Everdeen announces Cabinet nominees

Despite the calamity of Governor Oswald’s attempted assassination today, President Katniss Everdeen released her list of nominees for the nation’s highest offices today. L is an abbreviation for the newly-founded Liberty Party, of which President Everdeen is the head.

Her nominees were:

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald, Governor of District 13

Secretary of Defense: Jonathan Madison, Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives

Secretary of the Treasury: Harold Sercisa, Representative (L-D4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Karina Erickson, Senator (L-D13) and former District 13 Attorney General under Governor Oswald

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton, Governor of District 12

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier, Chief Executive of the Capitol

Secretary of Transportation: Cynthia Garth, Representative (L-D5)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy, war hero from District 12

Presidential Chief of Staff: Rose Connell, former Undersecretary of Communications

Press Secretary: Polaris Septrix, chief news anchor for the Panem Free Press news channel

The majority of these choices were expected by political analysts, but the most surprising choice seemed to be the choice of war hero Haymitch Abernathy as Secretary of Homeland Security. Mr. Abernathy has not held political office before nor has expressed interest in a government position. However, his qualifications are above and beyond after his heroic feats in the Panem Revolution.


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