INAUGURATION DAY: Peaceful transition of power from Paylor to Everdeen expected

The second inauguration of the President in the new Republic of Panem is set to take place at noon today, with outgoing President Cecelia Paylor present to transfer the office and its powers over to the new head of government, President-elect Katniss Everdeen of District 12. This will be the first transition in Panem’s history, as President Paylor was defeated by President-elect Everdeen in her re-election campaign.

It has been rumored that President-elect Everdeen will also announce her Cabinet choices in her inaugural address.

Likewise, Vice President-elect Plutarch Heavensbee will also be inaugurated today immediately before the incoming President for security reasons. Former Secretary of Communications Heavensbee was elected for the open position of Vice President over District 2 Representative Sextimus Dalton by a margin that was wider than Mrs. Everdeen’s.

All eyes will be on the outgoing and incoming Presidents today in addition to presidential contender and District 13 Governor Celine Oswald, however, as this is the first appearance of all three together after their debate in District 3 before the election.

According to the Capitol, the governors of all the Districts along with the Capitol’s Chief Executive, Beetee Williamson, will be in attendance, along with several members of the Panem Congress, among others.


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