BREAKING: Governor Oswald, former presidential contender, wounded in attempted assassination

Governor of District 13 Celine Oswald, who placed second to newly-elected President Katniss Everdeen in the most recent presidential election, was the victim of an attempted assassination today as she attended President Everdeen’s inauguration.

Capitol Police issued a press release about the attempt:

During the inauguration of President Everdeen this morning, a man attempted to murder the Governor of District 13, Celine Oswald by stabbing her repeatedly with a concealed hunting knife. The perpetrator has been identified as John Landon, a member of a pro-Snow organization, who resides in District 13. The suspect has been taken into custody and has been indicted for the attempted murder of Governor Oswald, disturbance of the peace, emdangering the lives of public officials, endangering the lives of citizens, and endangering the life of the President of Panem. At this time we cannot rule out the possibility of a conspiracy. More information will be provided to the public when such information becomes available.

Governor Oswald is said to be in critical condition at an unspecified Capitol hospital.  President Everdeen, Vice President Heavensbee, and former President Paylor all paid visits to the Governor when possible.

President Everdeen issued a statement:

It was incredibly unnerving to witness such a heinous act occur in front of my eyes at such a joyous occasion. Such an act will not go unpunished. Murder is not acceptable in this society, and it is a disappointment to see that people still view assassinations as a possibility of ridding themselves of leaders they dislike. I will ensure that this criminal is punished for his crimes, just as Governor Oswald would wish.


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