Today is Election Day here in Panem! We will be calling Districts for the candidates based on exit polling from each state. As with the pre-apocalyptic United States government, Panem’s new constitution has implemented an electoral college. The electoral college is consisted of electors, which are delegated to each district depending on that district’s population. As of this Election Day, the electoral tally is as follows:

Overall amount of electoral votes: 104 electoral votes

Amount needed to win the election (must have a majority): 53 electoral votes

District 1: 11 electoral votes

District 2: 10 electoral votes

District 3: 8 electoral votes

District 4: 12 electoral votes

District 5: 3 electoral votes

District 6: 5 electoral votes

District 7: 7 electoral votes

District 8: 10 electoral votes

District 9: 2 electoral votes

District 10: 8 electoral votes

District 11: 8 electoral votes

District 12: 4 electoral votes

District 13: 13 electoral votes

Capitol: 3 electoral votes

Should two candidates tie in the EV count, the President shall be elected by the House of Representatives and the Vice President by the Senate.

UPDATE 1:  We can now call the Capitol for President Cecelia Paylor. Paylor receives the first electoral votes and is now in the lead with 3 EVs.

UPDATE 2: We can now call Districts 9, 10, 11, and 12. District 9 goes to President Cecelia Paylor, District 10 goes to Governor Celine Oswald, and Districts 11 and 12 go to Mrs. Katniss Everdeen. The electoral count is now 12 for Mrs. Everdeen, 8 for Governor Oswald, and 5 for President Paylor.

UPDATE 3: We can now call Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Districts 1 and 2 go to Mrs. Everdeen, increasing her lead dramatically. District 3 unexpectedly goes to President Paylor. Districts 5 and 6 go to Governor Oswald, but do not carry much momentum for her campaign. The electoral count is now 43 for Mrs. Everdeen, 16 for Governor Oswald, and 13 for the incumbent President Paylor. It seems that the election has come down to Districts 4, 7, 8, and 13.

UPDATE 4: We can now call Districts 7, 8, and 13 all for Governor Oswald. This is a swing in her favor tonight, netting her 30 EVs. However, the Paylor campaign must be incredibly nervous, as their last hope is to win District 4 and pull the election into the House.The electoral count is now 46 for Governor Oswald, who gains the lead for the first time, 43 for Mrs. Everdeen, and 13 for President Paylor.

UPDATE 5: We can at last call District 4, and thus, the election. District 4, tonight, has decided to award their electoral votes to Mrs. Katniss Everdeen. Governor Oswald barely lost the district, polling 45 percent to Mrs. Everdeen’s 47 percent, with 8 percent for outgoing President Paylor.

UPDATE 6: Governor Oswald has issued her concession speech:

Though I did not achieve the victory I wished to accomplish tonight, I have achieved another type of victory: we successfully elected a new president over a tyrant, and I am glad that the President-elect won rather than the current President. I extend my greatest congratulations to President Everdeen and my thanks to the people of Panem for their support. My next course of action is to return to District 13 and continue to accomplish tasks yet to come.

UPDATE 7:  President Paylor has issued a press conference over the results:

I extend my congratulations to President-elect Everdeen and offer her any assistance I can give with the transition between our administrations. However, I must dispel the comments that were extended by Governor Oswald; I find the comment that I am a “tyrant” gross and misleading, and I find it also to be disrespectful to me.

UPDATE 8: President-elect Everdeen has issued a press conference over her victory:

When I began this campaign several months ago, I was considered a long-shot candidate with no political experience. All I had was support because of my Mockingjay background. Tonight, I stand before you as the newly elected President of Panem, and there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the people’s vote that puts me into office. Getting to this victory was completely due to the people, and I thank all of Panem for that. I would like to make one promise in particular tonight, one that the President did not find preferable a couple months ago: the first piece of legislation I would like to sign into law as your new President is a constitutional amendment, limiting me and all future Presidents to two four-year terms.



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