In an announcement that was expected by most, shunned by some, and welcomed by plenty, Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, is once again setting a blaze throughout Panem with the announcement of her challenge to the incumbent President of Panem Cecelia Paylor in this year’s presidential election. Many have called for an Everdeen campaign after her interview with The Panem Free Press in which she discussed a possibility of a campaign.

An excerpt from Mrs. Everdeen’s announcement in District Twelve this evening:

As everyone knows, I’m not the best at giving a speech or even holding a conversation. I’ll try to make this as painless for you as possible. *laughs from crowd* Thank you. It’s fairly apparent to me that the leadership in the Capitol is virtually non-existent now. President Paylor, while still in office, is acting as if she had no respect for the office that she holds. It’s insulting to you, it’s insulting to me, and it’s certainly insulting to the citizens of Panem. *cheers from crowd* This “leadership” is the reason for my little speech. I’m sick of sitting around, watching change not occur as promised. I’m disgusted with how we are being treated, and I know all of you are too. This is why I have ultimately decided to run to become the next President of the Republic of Panem. *massive cheering from crowd* I know that the road will be long and hard, but would we even have a Republic of Panem if we gave up the fight against Snow? No, we wouldn’t. Your support is all I ask. I ask that you and I rebuild Panem together; you will not be excluded from a government that is inherently your own.

Mrs. Everdeen’s entry into the race proves major problems for District 13 Governor Celine Oswald, who, before Everdeen, was the President’s only challenger and presumed front-runner. Oswald was leading Paylor by a large margin in our last poll, but many wished to see Everdeen enter the race.

Everdeen’s announcement is also a crisis moment for embattled incumbent President Paylor, who already is looking at a very tough contest for re-election. Everdeen’s unending popularity is a problem for an incumbent who cannot even keep her Cabinet from opposing her or resigning.

However, Everdeen’s announcement is hardly surprising. In the interview that Panem Free Press conducted with the new presidential candidate, she mentioned that it was a thought to consider with the troubles occurring.

It seems that the presidential race now has a clear front-runner, and it’s hardly been fifteen minutes since her speech ended. It seems that, unless something drastic occurs, we will be writing soon about Her Excellency, the Madame President Katniss Everdeen and the Honorable First Gentleman Peeta Mellark.


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