Much to the shock and surprise of the citizens of Panem, former District 12 resident and General Gale Hawthorne has announced his entrance into the political battle for the much sought-after position of District 2 Governor.

Unsurprising, however, is Katniss Everdeen’s immediate support for his campaign.  Everdeen and Hawthorne grew up together, cousins and co inhabitants in the formerly most poverty-stricken district in the nation.  Their childhoods were torn short when they both lost their fathers in a devastating mine explosion just ten years ago.  Two Hunger Games, a war, and a tumultuous decade later, they are both at the top of the political and social spectrum for the new Panem.

Hawthorne brings years of military experience to the table, holding the position of General since shortly after the end of the Revolutionary War.  By holding the esteem of the revered Mockingjay, he moves to the head of the leaderboards over all other candidates as the most promising potential governor.  Since announcing his candidacy, he has also spoken about increasing military support and bringing more power to the district, a topic in which citizens have stressed extreme interest in from each of our recent forums and polls.

We are excited and anticipative to see the benefits that Hawthorne could potentially bring District 2 as their new governor. Eventually, he very well may be the first male president of the new Panem.  As always, updates will be available regularly from yours truly at the Panem Free Press.

There is hope for us yet, Panem.


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