In a statement released by the International Anti-Nuclear Organization today, the organization has called for the immediate disarming of Panem’s stockpile of nuclear weapons.

The IANO has decided to call upon the new government of Panem to disarm their nuclear weapons like all other countries of the world. Panem is currently the only country on Earth that has in its possession a stockpile of nuclear weapons, giving a fledgling government control of some of the most dangerous weapons in the world. We would also like to warn the government of Panem that if they do not adhere to our calls, we must consider action in the form of sanctions or, if worse comes to worst, military action.

Panem’s nuclear weapons stockpile is located in District 13, but the exact location is not known. The weapons have been utilized before, but it has been at least a hundred years or more.

The President of Panem, Cecelia Paylor, responded:

The government of Panem dispels the IANO calls for the removal of nuclear weapons. As the government of Panem governs Panem, we would like to remind the IANO that they should remain within their boundaries, as Panem is not, has not ever been, and will never be a member state to the IANO. Should the IANO attempt to sanction us, we will survive without trade as we have done in the past. Should the IANO attempt to invade the nation of Panem, we will not only deploy our military- we WILL use our nuclear stockpile to remove any threat to our land. Our stockpile is only insurance against unneeded military force. and we have no plans to remove the weapons.


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