Amid political controversy and rumors of betrayal, a bright spark has given the nation a chance to smile.  71st Hunger Games victor Johanna Mason, who left her home in District 7 for District 2 after the end of the war left half of her former district in desolation, has wed cousin and former District 12 co-inhabitant of Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne.  According to sources, a romance sparked shortly after Mason arrived in the district, and became involved in the military training for the head base in District 2.  Hawthorne, a general in the new military, got close to Mason while she was the head of advanced training for the army’s specialists.  A source close to the newlyweds, Captain Mortaim Silas, elaborated for Panem Free Press regarding the couple’s courtship.

It was obvious from the first moment that the two were meant for each other.  They’re both rough around the edges and highly argumentative, but surprisingly, they are calm around each other.  For two normally very intense people, being around each other seemed to be a catalyst.  We knew that it was only a matter of time before Hawthorne would ask her to marry him.

The wedding took place in a lovely outdoor chapel in the forests surrounding District 2.  Guests were limited, but included 74th Hunger Games victors Katniss Everdeen and her husband, Peeta Mellark.  Also present was 70th Hunger Games victor Annie Cresta and her young son she had with deceased husband Finnick Odair (65th Hunger Games victor), Finn.   Captain Mortaim and other military friends of the happy couple were there as well to encourage the union of their acquaintances.

The vows were simple and the wedding was even more so, but Miss Mason looked ever so lovely stepping out in a white dress and a golden band around her forehead.  Hawthorne, standing at the end of the aisle with pride evident on his face as he watched his bride-to-be walk towards him, wore his military whites handsomely.  The reception included lots of dancing and a stunning cake designed by none other than Peeta Mellark, whose cake-decorating expertise was known by all when he created a masterpiece for Finnick and Annie’s wedding during the midst of the rebellion.  His single creative piece brought hope to the nation regarding his well-being at the time, and it was cathartic to see him so evidently well yet again.

It was a happy occasion held by all, albeit very private.  The Panem Free Press was honored to report at the event.  Congratulations to the new couple, from everyone here at the Free Press.


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