A crowd appeared today at the Communications Department press conference that announced the widely-expected resignation of Secretary Plutarch Heavensbee. Heavensbee’s heated rhetoric towards the President has been dubbed “disloyal” by Paylor supporters and many suspect that he could run against Paylor in the next presidential election.

Heavensbee’s remarks today were much more heated than normal, even more so than Effie Trinket’s, who resigned earlier this week.

An excerpt from Heavensbee’s resignation speech:

It is obviously no surprise to all of you that I am resigning; after all, I cannot continue to remain in an administration that I simply cannot support any longer. As I have submitted my resignation to President Paylor, who has accepted it, I feel as if I am no longer bound to speak in a semi-supportive tone. Let me be clear: I am absolutely opposed this administration’s policies. I feel that Paylor has disgraced both Panem and its citizens through her obvious politics and that the country of Panem deserves better than that.   (crowd roars)   Thank you.  My resignation will not be the end of my presence in the Capitol. I will remain here, working to further common sense for the people of Panem.

Heavensbee’s remarks ignited the crowd, showing massive opposition to Paylor’s policies and large support for Heavensbee.

Panem Free Press reporter caught Heavensbee after his announcement and asked for his view on the next election for President. His response:

Well, obviously Paylor has to go. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that she ranks with Snow and Coin when it comes to horrible leadership, and I fear for the nation should she be reelected.

He also commented on presidential campaign rumors:

At this point, anything is a possibility. I’m definitely going to give it some thought, but if someone with the credentials to take down Paylor runs, I’ll either wait or run for something else. But for now, all cards are on the table.

Heavensbee is the second Paylor cabinet official to resign this week, after Effie Trinket announced her resignation earlier this week.


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