Effie Trinket has caused quite a stir with her resignation. With the presidential election not too far off, Trinket (or another high-profile person) could launch a campaign against Paylor. Here’s a look at who could be the next president of Panem.

  • Katniss Everdeen:  The Mockingjay has spurred speculation of a presidential run after her Q&A with Panem Free Press where she didn’t turn down the idea of a run for office. Also, supporters of a campaign have begun a Draft Katniss movement in hopes of getting her to run. Katniss’s passion and beliefs in a democracy, not dictatorship, serve as benefits towards her case. Also, she is a national hero as the Mockingjay, and is also well-known for her romance with fellow District 12 citizen Peeta Mellark, whom she met in the 74th Hunger Games.
  • Effie Trinket: Former Secretary of State Effie Trinket only just announced her resignation, and yet she is already receiving presidential speculation. Trinket’s public speaking abilities, her experience in the Capitol, and her charismatic personality prove her to be presidential material; the only question is “Does she want the job?”
  • Plutarch Heavensbee: Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee is a heavy critic of the President while remaining in her administration. However, rumors say that Heavensbee could resign in a very short time, and with Heavensbee talking like a presidential contender already, further speculation could rise. However, sources reportedly close to Heavensbee say that he’s more interested in the Vice Presidency, but hasn’t made up his mind yet.
  • Jonathan Madison: A lesser known official in the Capitol, Madison is the Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives. An extremely open critic of the President, Madison is supposedly open to a run for higher office, but hasn’t decided as of yet. However, Madison would be able to run as a candidate that has never had ties with the Paylor administration, allowing for a bigger comparison.
  • President Cecelia Paylor: Of course we can’t leave off President Paylor! The president IS running for reelection, so she may very well win. However, her administration’s scandals and her opposition to term limits for the presidency are major hurdles for her to pass and polling shows that she’s largely unpopular, with 64% preferring another unspecified candidate over Paylor.

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